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Data for sharing

16 December 2014 in -e.showcase

Beyond pricingStart-up watch: If you’re part of the sharing economy which makes a bit of cash renting out a property, it’s not enough to simply lean on Airbnb alone. You need data. That’s where Beyond Pricing comes in. The number-crunching outfit wants to give rental owners the ability to tap into the same info that hotels and airlines use to determine pricing and maximise the performance of their sharing economy assets. In fact, Beyond Pricing views this as nothing less than the ‘democratisation of data’.

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City smarts

24 November 2014 in -e.showcase

smart city innovationSmartphone owners around the globe are now making cities smarter, according to the Smart Citizens report from Ericsson Consumerlab. For example, three-quarters of consumers want sensors to be deployed in public spaces so they know which areas are crowded and best avoided. The same proportion want to see both interactive street signs and bike/car sharing.

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Mobile only, and first

18 November 2014 in

One billion people will be using mobile as their only form of online access in 2015. No surprise, then, that mobile only, not the exception. And mobile-only and mobile-first consumers stand to influence online media in a number of ways on a platform where user experience is everything and the focus needs to be on sophistication and simplicity, according to Say Media. “Companies spend tons of time and millions of dollars perfecting their brand story and brand DNA, only to have it dashed in literally three seconds by a complicated, or lazy mobile experience,” Say Media points out. “It’s too easy for consumers to move on to another brand that ‘gets mobile’ and leave you in the dust.”

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Big thoughts on data

12 November 2014 in -e.showcase

Big data Want to know what Big Business is making of Big Data? We’ve got that covered. Senior executives see Big Data providing significant business benefits, from greater insight and learning, the ability to obtain answers and make decisions more quickly and in a more informed manner, greater agility and more flexibility. How much do they care about the kind of tech that delivers all this? They don’t. Just 4% see technology selection as being critical to successful Big Data adoption, according to the Big Data Survey 2014 from NewVantage Partners.

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Big Twitter

4 November 2014 in

IBM is partnering with Twitter on Big Data, tapping into some 500 million daily tweets to give clients a better understanding of customer sentiment.

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Backing Big Data

18 September 2014 in -e.showcase

Big DataWith the proliferation of data in almost every sector, most firms have already changed the way they make big decisions, with management around the world relying relying on greater use of specialised analytic tools and techniques, employing a dedicated data insights teams to inform strategic decisions and relying on enhanced data analysis. In fact, close to one in three corporate execs describe big decision making at their company as highly data-driven, according to the Guts versus Gigabytes report from PwC.

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Too Big?

28 August 2014 in -e.showcase

Ever get the feeling that Big Data is too, well, Big? HP thinks so and has launched its ‘Business Intelligence Modernisation Services’ to take on the size issue.

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Lucky Lykke

22 December 2014 in

We know the 10 most-Shazamed ads in the UK in 2014 – think Peugeot’s 108 campaign featuring Lykke Li.

Mobile obsession

19 December 2014 in

Friday metric: Close to 10% of consumers look at their smartphones more than 100 times a day, nearly a quarter check more than 50 times, and almost half do so over 25 times daily.

Off Grid taps into finance

19 December 2014 in -e.showcase

US start-up Off Grid Electric has just received $16 million in new funding and will use the money to expand its prepaid solar energy service in Africa.

VW car game leads way

18 December 2014 in

Volkswagen China’s Sports Car Challenge branded mobile game series has generated close to 340 qualified sales leads in just 10 weeks.

Less App-etite

17 December 2014 in

Wednesday metric: Consumers have cut the number of smartphone apps they download by almost one third, with a number of people reporting that they downloaded zero apps in the last 12 months.

Amazon’s German definition

16 December 2014 in

Amazon is struggling to make it a Merry Christmas in Germany where some 2, 300 workers at five of the online behemoth’s nine distribution centres in the country have gone on strike.

Xiaomi gets fresh

12 December 2014 in -e.showcase

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has gone somewhat off-piste with the launch of its smart air purifier, the Mi.

Shazam’s platinum sound

12 December 2014 in -e.showcase

Friday metric: Most Shazam-ed track ever? That would be Wake Me Up from Avicii on over 19 million, ahead of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines (18 million).