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Being careful with Big Data: report

13 January 2016 in technology

The US Federal Trade Commission is asking firms to check that their data sets represent the user population and whether their precious algorithms have hidden bias. And, importantly, they need to make sure that the forecasts they generate are actually accurate. The Commission’s report, Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion? points to concerns about whether certain uses of Big Data analytics may harm consumers, particularly low-income and underserved populations.

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BuSK me now

22 December 2015 in

London’s street performers now have their very own fintech app in the shape of BuSK which enables them to collect cashless payments via a credit/debit card. BuSK, developed by advocacy outfit The Busking Project and Nominet Trust, will also collect Big Data on buskers’ impact on tourists, commuters and businesses in the capital. The Busking Project says it will lean on the data to persuade local authorities to open up their streets to performers and encourage a lively busking ecosystem.

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Google’s sun shot

14 December 2015 in Innovation

Google Project SunroofLooking for that personalised roof analysis? Google’s got it covered with Project Sunroof, an initiative which leans on Google Maps and other data to detremine how much sunlight lands on your building in a year. It undertakes 3D modelling of your roof and takes into account shadows cast by nearby structures and trees, all possible sun positions over the course of 12 months, plus historical cloud and temperature patterns which might affect solar energy production.

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After Here, now data

8 December 2015 in transport

Nokia Here mapAudi, BMW and Daimler have now successfully concluded their acquisition of Nokia’s sought-after digital map unit Here and are now looking at leaning on big data to improve the quality of its mapping services. Here currently uses information from over 80,000 sources for its maps, including data captured by its 3D mapping cars, as well as static data.

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Connected car disconnect

4 December 2015 in transport

Three-quarters of Europeans are interested in the connected car, with safety being the primary reason for getting behind the steering wheel of such a vehicle. However, because these smart cars collect a huge pool of info like driver profiles, vehicle location, trip length and personal information synced from mobile phones, there are enormous privacy concerns.

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Shopping disrupted

23 November 2015 in Innovation

Technology is disrupting retail at a pace as smartphones are joined by an array of smart devices such wearables, smart home sensors and self-driving cars.

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UK slides on charitable giving

5 February 2016 in -e.showcase

Friday metric: The UK has fallen from second to fourth place in the world when ranked for charitable giving as a percentage of GDP, which has slipped from 0.7% to 0.54%,

JWT’s wearable tech play

4 February 2016 in technology

JWT is partnering with wearable technology Mio Global, to get it access to the latter’s cloud-based health optimisation algorithms.

Fintech on HK fire

3 February 2016 in Finance

Wednesday metric: Hong Kong has the highest rate of fintech use with 29% of digitally active consumers having used at least two fintech products within the last six months, according to EY.

Time to serve fifty-plus consumers

2 February 2016 in technology

Fifty-plus consumers are tech savvy and are frequent online shoppers – three out of four browse and shop on the Net at least monthly, and more than half do so at least once a week.

Big Data beer

2 February 2016 in Innovation

How IBM Watson came up with Big Data beer 0101 by leaning on social media emotions.

Give me a virtual reality concert

1 February 2016 in Music

London’s Southbank Centre and the Philharmonia Orchestra are creating the UK’s first virtual reality concert which will show later this year.

Social enterprise on tour

29 January 2016 in Innovation

Travel outfit Urban Adventures is partnering with NGOs and non-profit for its In Focus series of tours of social enterprise projects around the globe.