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Touchy feely data

18 July 2014 in -e.showcase

big-dataBig Data drives better decision making, with execs unlikely to make if a move if they can’t back it with the numbers. That’s the rather predictable take of the Economist Intelligence Unit in its Decisive Action: How Businesses Make Decisions & How They Could do it Better report. “Organisations that can use their data effectively to make decisions in this ever-changing and complex world will thrive; those that do not will perish,” the EIU says in its standard black-and-white take.

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Digital by design

21 May 2014 in -e.showcase

digital-designThe UK’s digital economy will fail to reach its full economic and social potential without the application of design to ensure people, not technology, are at the centre of the digital revolution, according to a new report, Designing the Digital Economy, from the Design Commission. But what about Big Data? you may ask. Well, while Big Data is driving the new industrial revolution, without design, such information is at worst meaningless, at best sub-optimal, says the report. Young designers now are not necessarily being taught how to use data. And while government has demonstrated a commitment to making public data open for use, there is still limited functionality, utility or relevance in simply making the data available.

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Social truth and lies

19 May 2014 in

pheme-social-media-postsThe European Commission Pheme project, with partners in seven different countries, is aiming to combine big data analytics with advanced linguistic and visual tools to determine whether social media posts are truthful. The project is concentrating on identifying four types of phemes – memes which are enhanced with truthfulness (Pheme was the Greek goddess of fame and rumour) – and modelling their spread across social networks and online media.

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Beyond Airbnb

13 May 2014 in

airbnb-sharing-economyAirbnb, the sharing economy’s poster child, is looking beyond accommodation as it seeks to expand into ticketing for everything from travel to events – or into anything that might just be on offer at a regular hotel. Company CTO Nate Blecharczyk told the FT that Airbnb was looking to go beyond its B&B roots. “Bottom line, it could eventually be anything, whether you want to book a dinner reservation or plane tickets. … “It’s definitely something we’re actively working on,” he said.

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Festivals so wearable

8 April 2014 in -e.showcase

music festival, smart cards, big, data technology, live music, revenues, rfid, wearables, Festival organisers are increasingly deploying wearable technology to enhance fans’ experiences as well as to spur more spending, increase marketing awareness, and gain a better understand of audiences. RFID, for one, is built into attendee wristbands enabling ticketless entry and cashless in-festival purchases. RFID bracelets can also be synchronised with wearers; social networks, turning them into promoters. “Prepaid smart cards carried by attendees are another new trend,” says Eventbrite in its Live Music Event report. “These cards provide rapid entry, reduce lines at vendor stands, and simplify merchandise transactions.”

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Start-ups get data prize

27 March 2014 in

ic tomorrow, data innovation, contest, startup, uk, eeIC tomorrow has launched a contest giving UK small businesses the opportunity to win up to £25,000 to explore digital innovations in data. Five start-ups will be selected to work with the likes of mobile brand EE, the British Library and Ordnance Survey, and together they will look to develop new commercial solutions to a number of specific challenges.

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Creativity or data?

10 March 2014 in -e.showcase

sky-iqHow well are UK advertising agencies dealing with Big Data? Well, almost half of senior ad execs surveyed by Sky IQ admitted that their agency could be using data more effectively, while fewer than one in four said their agency was investing more in data. And over half believe measuring ROI from TV campaigns is not as scientific as they’d like. Interestingly, when asked which was more important for a successful TV campaign, creativity or data, only 40% said creativity.

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BICOM’s one-way PR war

30 July 2014 in -e.showcase

British Israel Communications & Research Centre is busy pushing an article by professor Alan Johnson published in World Affairs magazine under the headline, ‘Hamas Rockets Traumatise Israeli Children’.

Socialising film merch

30 July 2014 in

Media giant NBCUniversal has joined forces with social commerce outfit Buyapowa to launch a campaign offering film audiences the chance to customise special offers and experiences on items such as such as personalised DVD sleeves, custom box sets and bonus content.

Orange squeezes waste

28 July 2014 in

Orange has launched its fifth African mobile phone waste facility, locating it in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Burkina Faso, Benin, Madagascar and Niger already have operations).

Portland shares with Airbnb

28 July 2014 in -e.showcase

Portland, Oregon will this week vote on an Airbnb-friendly law which would legalise short-term one- and two-bed rentals in private homes.

Bad ads

25 July 2014 in

Over 10% of online advertising impressions is fraudulent, with automotive (12%), fashion (12%) and education (11.

Same old iTunes

24 July 2014 in -e.showcase

iTunes 12 is out, but it’s not that different from iTunes 11 apart from a few new icons, plus a few new colours for old icons.

Lollapalooza goes wearable

24 July 2014 in -e.showcase

Lollapalooza 2014 is turning to wearable tech for its 2014 event which kicks off on 1 August, as attendees get to wear smart wristbands.