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Mini augmented

14 April 2015 in -e.showcase

Mini Augmented VisionBMW Mini has unveiled its Mini Augmented Vision AR platform with ‘see-through technology’ which displays information in the driver’s direct field of vision while driving. The Mini eyewear shows data such as speeds and speed limits in the field of view above the steering wheel to ensure other road users are not concealed.

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All directions for One Direction

22 November 2013 in -e.showcase

Tomorrow is 1D Day for One Direction as the boy band features in a mammoth, global seven-hour stream on YouTube, with Sony Music also tying up with Zappar for an augmented reality app comprising exclusive videos, imagery and interactive features.

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Audi to app manual

16 August 2013 in

Audi has teamed with Metaio to roll out the Audi A3 eKurzinfo augmented reality mobile app manual for the A3. The app can recognise more than 300 individual elements of the vehicle.

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Augmented Pompey

6 August 2013 in

Portsmouth FC have joined forces with Navigate Digital and Blippar to add augmented reality features to the football club’s match programme.

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An era of AR

10 July 2013 in

Developer investment in augmented reality apps will total $670 million this year as AR becomes an everyday part of mobile experiences, especially in the domain of retail and marketing, according to a new market forecast from ABI Research.

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Bookmarking AR

26 June 2013 in -e.showcase

Pan Macmillan has published two books – Peter James’ Dead Man’s Time and Reviver by Seth Patrick – which the publisher claims are among the first to incorporate augmented reality.

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Audi augments vehicle vision

21 May 2013 in

Audi has launched Audi Vision, an augmented reality app which will enable users to unlock the car brand’s latest brochure and fire up video, sound and additional images and info.

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Mags going mobile

18 April 2013 in

There were close to 8,500 mobile experiences provided by the top 100 US magazines in 2012, with augmented reality comprising almost 10% of all mobile activation points, according to Nellymoser metrics.

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Latest News

Free Basics not free

10 February 2016 in

The Indian telecoms regulator has banned Facebook’s Free Basics initiative which offers free-access basic web services in the market.

Bring it on with UMG

10 February 2016 in Music

Universal Music Group has launched its own advertising agency, Bring, together with One Green Bean and Host.

You say Azerty…

8 February 2016 in technology

France’s culture and communication ministry has accepted that the country’s Azerty keyboard layout makes it pretty difficult to type some common symbols.

Supermarket making social

8 February 2016 in -e.showcase

UK supermarket chain Asda is using the £750,000 proceeds of its carrier bag charge in Scotland to launch the Social Enterprise Supplier Development Academy.

UK slides on charitable giving

5 February 2016 in -e.showcase

Friday metric: The UK has fallen from second to fourth place in the world when ranked for charitable giving as a percentage of GDP, which has slipped from 0.7% to 0.54%,

JWT’s wearable tech play

4 February 2016 in technology

JWT is partnering with wearable technology Mio Global, to get it access to the latter’s cloud-based health optimisation algorithms.

Fintech on HK fire

3 February 2016 in Finance

Wednesday metric: Hong Kong has the highest rate of fintech use with 29% of digitally active consumers having used at least two fintech products within the last six months, according to EY.

Time to serve fifty-plus consumers

2 February 2016 in technology

Fifty-plus consumers are tech savvy and are frequent online shoppers – three out of four browse and shop on the Net at least monthly, and more than half do so at least once a week.