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Known Secrets

24 April 2014 in

secret, appWhat do we know about the Secret app? asks Steve Mullins. Well, the anonymity application has now been around for about three months and has become de rigueur in Silcon Valley where it’s used to share juicy bits of info incognito. And start-up Secret says its retention rate is a whopping 90% – that’s the percentage of folk using the app who come back to communicate a little more in all secrecy within one week. Secret is also well-funded to the tune of $8.6 million from the likes of Google Ventures, Fuel Capital and other Valley denizens.

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Mobile ads wake-up

23 April 2014 in

mobile, targeted, advertisingThe most acceptable way for brands to target consumers with mobile advertising is by ‘interests’, followed by ‘current location’. And the invasion of personal space, tracking keywords in texts, emails or phone calls are perfect examples of how not to engage consumers in mobile advertising, according to PwC’s four-market – Brazil, China, UK, US – mobile advertising survey. Researchers found that Brazilians are especially engaged in mobile advertising and are more willing to interact with ads. Consumers in this market are also picky when it comes to formats, showing a strong preference for videos.

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The luxury of China

22 April 2014 in -e.showcase

burberry-chinaUK prestige brand Burberry is leaning heavily on digital in China with the opening of a flagship store in Shanghai, the retailer’s largest in Asia. Taking its cue from the London Regent Steet store, the location boasts a raft of video screens where content is triggered by RFID tags on clothing, while fitting room mirrors also deliver video when shoppers try on garments.

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No ad trust

21 April 2014 in -e.showcase

advertising, trust, endorsementsHalf of US consumers don’t trust the messages they see, read and hear in advertisements, while 44% think ads are dishonest – and 58% that there should be stronger requirements for proving claims in advertising, according to YouGov research. Advertising for restaurants, clothing stores and consumer electronics is the most trusted, while that for diet products, financial services, pharmaceutical and cars rank lowest.

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Social going native

18 April 2014 in

yahoo food, tumblr, native advertising, facebook, twitterYahoo, Twitter and Facebook are expanding social into native advertising, reports IHS. In acquiring Tumblr last year, Yahoo also got the infrastructure to build native advertising, and the Yahoo Food and Yahoo Tech online magazines launched at end-2013 were built on the Tumblr platform. They combine content produced by users on Tumblr, brands and Yahoo’s editorial team. Unilever’s Knorr posts recipes on Yahoo Food around the articles, mimicking magazine ad formats, and Yahoo hopes to expand this type of advertising as it launches more thematic online mags.

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Etsy ups its game

17 April 2014 in

etsy-wholesaleOnline crafts outfit Etsy is planning to roll out its Etsy Wholesale service in August, enabling craftmakers to sell their output to retailers in addition to consumers. Sellers will have pay a one-off joining fee of $100, while Etsy will collect a 3.5% transaction fee on each order. “For many sellers who have built sustaining, full-time businesses on Etsy, Etsy Wholesale is a way to support their continued growth,” the company says. “What we’ve built is a direct reflection of listening to the needs of our growing community of shop owners ready to take their businesses to the next level.”

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Video’s undeniable growth

16 April 2014 in

microsoft-video-advertisingWhile it’s always interesting to read about the jump in ad spend over the last year, the findings revealed by the recent IAB and PwC Digital Adspend Study  confirmed what the industry has experienced first-hand. Digital ad spend is up 17.5 per cent to a record six-month high of over £3 billion, or £66 per person online, writes Owen Sagness.* However, one finding in particular stands out as a trend with the potential to impact many aspects of the digital advertising industry, from media to creative to publishing – the undeniable growth in the popularity of video. Video accounted for almost one fifth of all advertising spend in 2013, a sign that the message is getting through to the industry.

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India to get second sport

16 April 2014 in -e.showcase

India, that bastion of cricket, could yet become a major football market with the launch of the Indian-Super-LeagueIndian Super League (ISL), which is able to boast the hefty support of IMG Reliance – a joint venture between Reliance Industries and global sports and media outfit IMG – plus Star India and the All India Football Federation. The two-month-long ISL tournament is a copycat model of the Indian Premier League, the successful eight-week cricket tournament, and the first ball is set to be kicked competitively in September.

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Latest News

Training talent

24 April 2014 in -e.showcase

Bauer Media has launched the Bauer Academy, a range of UK multimedia training courses for radio production, creative writing, television presenting, video production, journalism and social media.

TV pulls in youth

24 April 2014 in -e.showcase

What kind of TV is pulling in the young audience? Well, there’s Youth Television (YTV), produced by young people aged 13-to-25 and supported by media professionals and mentors, reports Voxburner.

Coke leans on Spotify

23 April 2014 in

Coca-Cola has 135,000 people following its Placelists music profile page on Spotify which looks to connect people via playlists and geographical locations.

Rules of native

23 April 2014 in

Condé Nast is pushing into native advertising with content generated by the media group’s Condé Nast Studio and Solutions Group.

Amazon’s smartphone dimension

22 April 2014 in

As the likes of Google and Facebook look increasingly to be engaged in a quest for world digital domination, it’s hard to forget there’s another online behemoth jockeying for position.

Rewards hit the road

22 April 2014 in

Mobile advertising firm Kiip has joined forces with connected car outfit Mojio to bring brand-sponsored ‘ambient rewards’ to car drivers when they achieve motoring targets, like meeting mileage goals and attaining fuel efficiency.

Being with beacon

22 April 2014 in

This year will see a lot of advanced retailer activity with iBeacon, with testing and learning the primary tasks, David Edelman, global co-leader of sales and marketing at McKinsey, tells eMarketer.

Telefonica exchanges

21 April 2014 in

Spain’s Telefonica has joined forces with financial outfit Blackstone to launch mobile ad exchange Axonix for Europe, the US and Latin America.

Shot app hits NYC

18 April 2014 in

The CUPS app is now delivering caffeine to New Yorkers, who, for a $45 monthly fee, can drink as much regular coffee as their bodies can take.