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Diversity for tech

27 November 2015 in technology

The UK can now boast a TechTalent Charter aimed at helping organisations to encourage and support a more diverse tech workforce. The initial focus will be the recruitment and retention of female technology talent, while the charter will address the challenges around gender parity in tech roles.

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Job mobiles

27 November 2015 in Research

While Generation Z is primarily looking for jobs in science, technology, engineering and maths, Millennials and Generation X types have narrowed down their preferences to working in IT. For Boomers, it’s pretty unsurprising that education and training are top of mind, while seniors have a liking for the health-science professions, according to the Global Generation Lifestyles report from Nielsen.

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Silicon dollars

26 November 2015 in technology

Look out. The bankers are heading to tech en masse. There has been steady drift this year. Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat went over to Google parent Alphabet. Michael Evans, former head of Asia at Goldman Sachs, became president of China e-commerce outfit Alibaba. And now three bankers in Goldman’s technology investment banking group have quit to take jobs in Silicon Valley over at Uber.

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Getting savvy on sharing

25 November 2015 in Sharing economy

To compete in the collaborative economy, established companies need to recognise how price, convenience and brand can drive buyers towards sharing. And each of these can provide a path to winning customers back to the firm, particularly if they tap into sharing models to serve customers in new ways, according to the New Rules of the Collaborative Economy report from Vision Critical.

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Skinny on… crowdfunding

24 November 2015 in Finance

CrowdfundingCrowdfunding isn’t merely a start-up game. In fact, the average age of companies raising finance from the crowd in the UK this year comes in at 3.3 years. And there’s a good spread, The oldest company ever to crowdfund had been kicking around fome 37 years at the time of the raise, with the youngest being just a few days old, according to the Where Are They Now? crowdfunding report from AltFi and Nabarro.

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Whither the Roundabout?

23 November 2015 in technology

What’s the future of London’s Silicon Roundabout? And we don’t mean Tech City here, but rather the actual piece of transport infrastructure on Old Street. Well, over next decade, those working in the tech sector (many of whom pass daily through the Old Street Tube and rail hub) want to see pedestrian and cycling overpasses and underpasses across the location’s main thoroughfares, according to a survey conducted by tech careers outfit Dice. Also on the wishlist? A simple monorail connecting Old Street to mainline train stations, writes Root Wilson*.

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Serving the underserved

20 November 2015 in technology

Microsoft has launched its Affordable Access Initiative, offering grants to outfits looking to provide scalable solutions to enable people in underserved communities to go online and use cloud services. The company estimates some 4.2 billion are without affordable Internet access and it wants to offer grants averaging $75,000 to firms selected for the new programme. Qualifying projects will need to use low-cost forms of Internet connectivity, demonstrate innovative approaches to selling cloud services geared for underserved markets, and integrate localised payment platforms and consumption models.

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Latest News goes Indian mass

27 November 2015 in

Facebook’s free online services platform has been rolled out to over 100 million consumers on the Reliance mobile network in India.

Lab work

26 November 2015 in Innovation

Belfast now boasts a PwC and Google Innovation Lab. No mean feat given that this is only the world’s third such facility.

That digital satisfaction

26 November 2015 in technology

Thursday metric: Close to two-thirds of UK digital professionals are satisfied in their jobs, with men more content (64%) than women (62%).

Converse tracks London

24 November 2015 in Music

Converse Rubber Tracks, the streetwear brand’s music initiative, is ramping up London activities with a weekend of music events from 4 to 6 December.

London tech mapped

24 November 2015 in technology

Now there’s a map plotting London’s fast-moving technology sector in the shape of the London Tech Map.

Shopping disrupted

23 November 2015 in Innovation

Technology is disrupting retail at a pace as smartphones are joined by an array of smart devices such wearables, smart home sensors and self-driving cars.

Truly Brutal

23 November 2015 in -e.showcase

If it’s Brutal buildings in London you’re after, we’ve got them with the Brutalist London Map.

Where’s the talent?

20 November 2015 in Research

Friday metric: So, where does the UK rank in the world in terms of its talent? Make that 21st.